About Peace River

Map of Peace River Canoe Safari on the Peace River

The Peace River is an historic river which at one time marked the boundary between Indian territory to the East and the White settlers' land to the West. One of the last skirmishes of the Seminole War occurred near the east banks below Fort Meade.

The Peace River has one of the most popular State Canoe Trails, beginning at the U.S. Highway 98 bridge just east of Fort Meade and ending 67 miles downstream at State Road 70 west of Arcadia.

The Peace River is an ideal river for canoeing! Dense forest borders the waterway along most of the trail with the only mark of civilization being an occasional bridge, power lines and some pasture land. A house is rarely visible from the river. The river offers a variety of canoeing experiences.

Canoe Safari on the Peace River

Imagine being squeezed into a swift-flowing narrows between the high banks, interrupted by the occasional stretches of rapids. In other places it spreads into quiet shallow pools. Numerous tributaries flow into the Peace River offering a variety of side trips for a change of pace and nature studies. The flood plain abounds in wildlife of all kinds from deer to wild hogs. Water fowl, herons, egrets, ibis, kingfisher and many other kinds of birds are abundant throughout the course of this trail.